Fresh poké bowls from Hawaii with our 305 flavor. Our poké bowls really are the perfect meal on the go. Forget about soggy sandwiches and take out fresh & delicious meals with you wherever you go!

Get your fresh poké bowl delivered fast!

Poké is a dish originally from Hawaii served on a base of rice that is accompanied by chunks of raw fish and a mixture of fresh vegetables. It is complimented with a delicious homemade sauce of your choice and a free miso soup.

1 Pick Style 1 Pick a Style Choose from our delicious bowls or our burritos and always enjoy a fresh and healthy meal! • Bowl
• Burrito
• Salad
2 Pick Base 2 Pick a Base The most traditional option would be white, brown rice or even black rice! • White Rice
• Quinoa
• Spring Mix
3 Pick Mix-ins 3 Pick a Mix-ins With deliciously fresh ingredients and easy to share! • Spring mix
• Alfalfa
• Spinach
• Radish
• Bean sprouds
• Kale
• Red cabbage
• Daikon
• Snow peas
• Red onions
• Corn
• Peruvian corn
• Jalapeño
• Cilantro
Pickled ginger
Spring mix
Peruvian corn
Pickled ginger
Spring mix
Spring mix
Bean sprouds
Red cabbaje
Snow peas
Red onions
4 Pick Protein 4 Pick a Protein Usually, the poké bowl carries raw fish. A good loin of tuna, salmon or pieces of shrimp. Whatever you want! • Tuna
• Salmon
• Whitefish
• Shrimp
• Chicken
• Tofu
5 Premium Toppings 5 Premium Toppings Love me a green bowl! With over 30 free toppings going green is definitely the best route • Avocado
• Krab salad
• Seaweed salad
• Squid salad
6 Pick Sauce 6 Pick a Sauce Not only do we pride ourselves in finding the best quality ingredients we make sure to make every sauce in-house from scratch! The perfect finishing touch to this yummy Poke bowl. • Ahi
• Korean BBQ
• Yuzu cilantro
• Leche de tigre
• Spicy mayo
• Wasabi aioli
• Guava Passionfruit
• Citrus ponzu
7 Pick chips 7 Pick chips We fry all our wonton chips in our restaurant and this is that magic crunch. • Wonton
• Taro
• Sweet potato
• Plantain
• Yuca

Signature Bowls

Tired of not finding healthy and delicious food options in Miami? We have brought the poke bowl!

Alakai’-The big Mao

Salmon and tuna with wasabi aioli sauce, crab salad, carrots, cucumber, daikon, jalapeño, edamame, wonton chips, and white sesame seeds


Salmon with spicy mayo sauce, avocado, spring mix, alfalfa, cucumber, massage, ginger, edamame, taro, chips and white sesame seeds.


Chicken with Koren BBQ, sauce, daikon, snow peas, red onion, scallions, kimchi, pineapple , nori, plantains chips, and white sesame seeds

'Aka 'Aka

Whitefish with leche de tigre sauce, white onion, celery, jalapeño, cilantro, peruvian corn, radish, daikon, red onion and crunchy onions


Tuna with sauce, avocado, daikon, scallions, white onion, ginger, mango, yuca chips and white sesame seeds


Shrimp and salmon with guava, passion fruit sauce, avocado, scallions, massage, edamame, kimchi, mango, pineapple, tangerine, lychee, coconut flakes and nori


Tuna with yuzu cilantro sauce, kale, radish, scallions, daikon,ginger, edamame, tangerine and fried garlic.

Loco Banana

Açai base topped with banana,strawberries, blueberries, granola, chia, seeds , and raspberries

305 Give Me Life

Açai base topped with kiwi,strawberries, mango, and coconut flakes

PB Fruty

Açai base topped with peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, almonds, cacao chips and raspberries


Ingredients ready for their preparation and consumption the same day.


Nutritional contribution: Calcium, iron, iodine, Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, amino acids and fiber.


Our bowls are made up of food groups that compliment each other in a healthy and delicious way.


In just a few minutes it is ready to eat.

Good vibes in each bowl

Fueling your body with good healthy food is very important to us, that’s why we make sure to always provide you with the best ingredients.

You're our most important ingredient

Our goal is to make sure that every time you eat one of our bowls, we put a smile on your face. We believe in feeding our customers with good karma food.

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